Export (or convert) a bizagi diagram to Draw.IO


I need to export (or convert) a Bizagi diagram to Draw.IO. Since I do not see an exact transfert to Draw.IO, I figured I could proceed to convert to Visio first (.vdx), then from visio .vdx to visio .vsdx, then Visio .vsdx to Draw.IO...

So, I tried to export to Visio first, but the export is buggy since diagrams are not complete, many connectors and text box are missing.

I use Bizagi v3.6.0.044 (impossible for me to upgrade to 3.9 due to restrictions at work) and Visio desktop (Microsoft® Visio® Plan 2 MSO (16.0.14326.21008) 64 bits). It is not possible for me to use a previous version of Visio.

I would appreciate so much your help to guide me through exporting to Draw.IO.