Error while entering modeler 1st time

Hello need your support.

I got russian version, this sounds like this:

Ваша учетная запись Modeler Services не заполнена.

Вы можете добавить модели процессов с помощью Bizagi Modeler и отправить их, используя свою учетную запись.

In english I guess- Your account Modeler Services didnt filled.

But on another computer my mate did everything same- instalation-logging in with all same actions. Please help to proceed.

Files: acc.jpg

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Dear Olena,

Thank you for contacting us. Sometimes, it happens that the Modeler tries to access the Cloud folder instead of remaining local, and since it is your first time, you have no models to access.

Could you please confirm to us what happens with the program if you close the modal window that shows the message you are reporting? Closing it should not stop the program from running and should allow you to continue working with the Bizagi Modeler without trying to access the cloud folders.

Best regards,

Laura G