Error saving Diagram. Out of memory

Such an error has been reported by a user in our company.

Quote: "I have run into some problems with Bizagi (...). When I attempt to save the diagram below, I’m told that there is an error in the model and asked if I’d like to review. If I click yes, the error bar appears but nothing shows - it’s just blank.. When I then attempt to save afterwards, I’m told that I cannot due to memory problems.. I’ve had this issue before, on the same diagram, and ended up having to start over - I’d really like to avoid having to start over for the third time.

I’ve attached a screen dump of the error message and empty error box (the white space below the diagram). I have no problems checking other diagrams in and out, so I doubt it really is a memory problem. "

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Dear Mariusz,

We are sorry about this issue happening to you with one of our products.

Looking into this, we learned that you have a paid license with us, so we would highly encourage you to create a support ticket as the Support team is able to help you more promptly and effectively with the solution of this issue.

The steps you need to follow to create a ticket are available in this link:

We sincerely hope that this issue will be quickly solved.

Best regards,

Laura G