For 3 times now, I have had to redraw my diagrams because this error occurs and the file couldn't be saved or saved as.

When this error occurs the only thing that I could have done was print to redo on another file.

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Dear Thamilla,

We are sorry to learn about this issue you are reporting and the inconveniences it might be causing you. If you are willing, we would kindly recommend that you use the most recent version of the modeler (available here: as it is the most stable version so far.

Also, if the issue persists because of the same errors you are reporting, we would suggest you look deeper into the causes of the errors (especially the one shown in "erro bizagi2.png") as it is a standard-related error because of a problem in the events definition within your diagram. If you wish, you may look into more information about events in this article:

Please let us know if you have any more questions or if you require further assistance with this.

Best regards,

Laura G


Outstanding tech support. Why don't you "look deeper into the causes of the errors" yourselves? I have the same problem even after deleting all the intermediate events (I actually can't save the model even if I delete everything on it). I would gladly update the modeller if only I could save my work before doing this!