Error Message (The directory specified by destination)

Hey Mates,

I´ve a huge problem, I can´t open any of my older

Processmapping-files. I changed my PC-Station so i´ve done a

backup-version of my old files. Today I´d like to open my files from the

past and I recieved this message (The directory specified by destination...).

Can anybody help me?

Thanks for help.

sincerly yours


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Dear Barbara,

Regarding this issue, we would like to know if your files are with extensions: bpm, bpmn, or bpmc.

In addition, we would like to know if the user that runs the modeler has correct rights over the folders.

Furthermore, check if there is a message in your event viewer windows log. To start Event Viewer by using the Windows interface

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click Control Panel .
  3. Click System and Maintenance .
  4. Click Administrative Tools .
  5. Double-click Event Viewer .
  6. Click Windows Logs
  7. Click Application
  8. Look for the error message.

We look forward to hearing from you