Erro 1603 - Fatal error during installation


Depois de desintalar a versão enterprise do Biz Agi e tentar instalar a versão não enterprise, apresentou o erro:

Erro 1603 - Fatal error during installation

O que pode estar acontecendo? Não temos maiores informações de erro na hora de instalação.

Files: Erro.png

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Dear Rodrigo,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue.

As the error message suggest, this might be happening not because of an error in the program but because of a problem during the process of reinstallation (uninstalling the previous version of the program, downloading a new installer, or installing the program again) in that particular computer.

Please, let us know if the issue is still happening and if, for example, the same happens when trying to install in a different computer.

Also, bear in mind that Enterprise and non-enterprise are not related to the program per se but to the account with which you log in when using the program. The installing packages you download to install are the same for free users and paid users.

We look forward for more information on this issue from you. Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,

Laura G