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Erro 1310. Erro ao gravar no arquivo

Estou tentando instalar a versão 4.0. Tinha instalada a versão 3.8. Acho que meu antivírus removeu algum arquivo que fazia parte do Bizagi.

A mensagem de erro é a seguinte, de acordo com o arquivo em anexo. Como procedo para conseguir instalar?

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Dear Murilo,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Our recommendation would be to try and install the Bizagi Modeler in a different location. If your antivirus is notifying you that it is deleting a file necessary for installation later on, then we would suggest that you turn off your antivirus temporarily during the installation and then turn it on again immediately afterwards.

Also, make sure that you run the program with admin rights (option "Run as administrator" in the menu when right-clicking the exe file).

We hope this helps to solve the issue you are experiencing.

Best regards,

Laura G