Endless Issues with Website and user accounts - Appalling User Experience


Where do I start. I am new to Bizagi Cloud (used client for long time), and have been involved in Software and Web design for many years, specializing in business process design to software integration.

Bizagi's web site / cloud user experience is appalling, here is my list;

Microsoft Edge

- Go to Bizagi - Leader in Intelligent Process Automation main page, click sign in – after sign in redirects to Home (

- On Home ( if I click the go button it proceeds to download the install file…….. i already have it installed......

- If I click on Training menu item it takes me to Training ( – ok

- But i want the user guides – so I click on “Go to” but that logs me back out on the home page (yes clicking on the help inside the client takes me there)

- Then I click on Resources – Learning and it takes me to the courses page, no link I can easily find to the user guide

- If I go to Support - Support ( I need to sign in again, but that takes me to the download page I mentioned in point 3 above.

- If I click (without trying to sign in) on the “Modeler Forum” link it takes me to the forum, but then I can’t search without logging in, if I click log in on the forum page the page just reloads…….

- The only way I could get to the forum to use it as a signed in person was to go back to home and paste the link in the address bar on the page I was already logged into…………

- 404 errors - OMG so many - One example - Support - Paid Support click on Log In to Paid Support - Error 403 - Not Authorised to use this page..... even though i am logged in on other Edge Tabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets move to the Cloud Library shall we!!

- User Account for Workgroup - I removed the user that created the account and paid for our 11 license's

- Added new users - invite - ok except when you paste an email address in to the invite the form adds it twice.....

- License count - well i clearly have 10 users listed but it says i have used 11/11 licenses - looks like it still remembers the account i removed.......... why even after several hours has this not updated?

- Now i need to "Share" the model folder in library with users, what a useless experience this is......

- I AM THE OWNER - Click Share - add users - Users could not be added as you are not the owner.......

- Perhaps this is because not all of the users have accepted the invite yet............. why cant you tell me that?

- Added a user that has accepted the invite - same error - user cannot be added..... refresh the page and suddenly the user i was told could not be added is listed as a user............. wow!!!

Bizagi is a business all about process and you cannot even get your own processes correct!

Has anyone tried to map the website flow of links - there are so many dead ends and loops it is infuriating..............

NOT a good start user experience for a new company coming on board to use Bizagi!!!!!!


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Dear Darrin,

Thank you for the detail in your comments. We truly apologize for the inconveniences you have experienced with our webpage and our products. The fact that you took the time to let us know through this site tells us that you care, and we really appreciate it.

We will make sure our Product team receives this information so that we can make things better for users/clients like you.

Best regards,

Laura G

PS. As I noticed you published this content twice I'll proceed and close the second one.


Thank you Laura.

I tried to reply to your message above but the reply box wont let me type text - using MS Edge Browser.

Re one of the issues above - sharing a model and - Users could not be added as there are problems with the user subscription.... or similar. I just tried to add a user that has accepted the invite and shows their license. I had the same error per above, however once i closed the error pop up the user appeared in the user list........


Dear Darrin, this is a quick update about the multiple issues you reported:

About the licenses, the issue is being taken care of by our Support team through a ticket and even if it takes a while, they are currently working on it.

The rest of the issues you report regarding the website, we have passed them on to the Product team so that they may take care of it.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Dear Darrin,

We were notified that the issue with the licenses is already solved, so we proceed to close this topic.

All the best,

Laura G