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Diagrams GUID and Title in a CSV file ?

Hello community!

Calling the web exported site using the #GUID parameter ([url]\index.html#GUID) display a page with all diagrams with their GUID and their title.

Is there a way to export this list to a CSV file (from the browser or from the application)?


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Dear Pierre,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Unfortunately, we do not understand what you are trying to do Could you please be more specific?

Are you trying to export the elements from your model to a CSV file?

Thank you for the information you can answer us with.

Best regards,

Laura G


Hello Laura,

Thx for your reply.

Using the #guid parameter, my browser shows me a page with, for each process, the name of the process, a quick view of the diagram and the GUID of the diagram (see attached image).

I'm currently looking for a way to get a file (text or CSV) containing :

  1. name_of_the_process01;guid_of_the_process01
  2. name_of_the_process02;guid_of_the_process02
  3. name_of_the_process03;guid_of_the_process03
  4. etc.

So, I'll be able to build direct link to a specific diagram in the web site generated from the modeler (publish web option). The link can be inserted into a mail, an MS-Office document, etc.