Diagramm disappeared although it was saved


I have created a new diagram. I edited/created it over a longer period of time and saved it again and again. Then the program hung up and closed. When I opened it again, the diagram was no longer there. Is there a backup where we can find the diagram again?

Thank you very much for the quick help!

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Hi Janine, thank you for sending us your question.

Models created in Bizagi Modeler can be saved in the Cloud or locally.

From the description of your post, we understand that the save procedure was not completed. Unfortunately, backup copies of bpm files must be done manually.

Our recommendations are:

    Use the most recent version of the modeler, you can download it here.

      Review the system requirements in:

        Make periodic saves.

          For local projects, make sure that the path where the file will be saved has reading and writing permissions.

          To enhance efficiency and save time when modeling, Bizagi lets you to copy all the elements of a diagram into another, so you preserve the integrity of process diagrams, as well as keep consistency and standardization.

          We would also suggest that you upgrade to a Modeler Service's plan that allows you to use the Revisions History feature. However, if you don't have a current plan, you can keep track of each update or modification performed by copying it as many times as substantial changes you perform, so you can go back to each diagram version every time you require it.

          For more information, you can review the following documentation:

          Please let us know how it goes and if you need further information.

          Best regards,

          Laura G.