Convergent exclusive gateway

Hey all,

This is mostly a conceptual (and very basic) question... It's commonly considered a best practice (as in Bizagi User Guide - Best practices in modeling page) to balance gateways - i.e. when you split flows with a gateway, merge them with the same type of gateway.

No problems with this in Parallel and Inclusive gateways. However, in Exclusive gateways, OMG BPMN 2.0 specification says that "a converging Exclusive Gateway is used to merge alternative paths. Each incoming Sequence Flow token is routed to the outgoing Sequence Flow without synchronization".

BPMN 2.0 also mentions that "if the activity has multiple incoming Sequence Flows, then this is considered uncontrolled flow. This means that when a token arrives from one of the paths, the Activity will be instantiated"


1) It's correct to say those 2 examples have the same logical and practical effect?


2) It"s reasonable to state that the convergent exclusive gateway in this case is redundant (and therefore should be avoided)?


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Dear MY,

Regarding your question, both cases will work correctly, however according BPMN standard, it should have balance gateways so that the process number 1 should be the correct one. Furthermore, check these points:

  • Do not use gateways to join and split at the same time.


  • Balance gateways. Splits must be joined equivalently.


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