Connect Excel to Bizagi


I have a bizagi project that I want to attach to a spreadsheet in Excel

This is the inventory table, I want to use Excel data in the forms to search and calculate the inventory


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Hi Mostafa,

There are many ways in which you can use Excel data in a Bizagi process or form. I believe this is a Bizagi Studio question and not related the Bizagi Modeler, therefore, can you post this question to the Studio forum please? It maybe helpful to other community members there.

The Studio community can be found here:

We will more than happy to assist you with this question.

Kind regards,

David Foster


Good afternoon Mostafa, in Bizagi Modeler you can attach a file or a link to that file in your model, also if you want to have that excel file in your documentation, you can add it after the export.

To do that, please go to properties (right click in an artifact) and go to Extended attributes / Add a property and use the URL or Table option.

For more information please use the following link: