Conditional sequence flow marker not displayed

There is a problem with conditional and default sequence flows. The conditional flow marker is no longer displayed on the diagram even though the condition type property is set to expression.

The conditional flow from the same process is displayed properly in an older version of Bizagi, as shown in the first attached screen capture.

Also, there used to be a context menu on sequence flows to set them as default or conditional. Those options are no longer displayed in the context menu of the latest version, as shown in the second attached screen capture.

I did report this issue a few months ago (see here : However, it has been marked as "Not a problem" and locked to comments even though the given explanation was unsatisfactory and incorrect.

Conditional sequence flows are part of the BPMN notation and should be properly represented on the process diagram. Please see page 65 (attached) from the official BPMN 2.0 Specifications available here :