Cloud Models Disappeared Both In v3.9 and v4.0

As expected, I couldn't find my cloud saved models when Bizagi Modeler was updated to v4.0.

I have downgraded it back to v3.9, my models are listed but whenever I try to load the, a message says "This model is not available anymore" and I'm told to get in touch with the model owner (myself) for more information.

Something seems to have occurred this week and all I want is a copy of said models. I was not warned this might happen so it's a very uncomfortable situation since I trusted Bizagi's services to protect my data.


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I solved it myself. I found the old installation files for the 3.9 version so I removed the new version, installed the old one, got my models from the cloud and will upgrade again. :-)

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Dear users,

Thank you for letting us know your questions.

The reason why the cloud models are not available anymore is related to the company's decision to terminate the Workgroup and Professional licenses since this year and the transition plan for clients with either of those. As part of the transition plan for Workgroup and Professional users, there were multiple emails and notifications sent to inform of this decision and advise them to download their cloud models on time because they would be unavailable moving forward. If you had/have a paid license and it is still active, you can access your models by downgrading to the 3.9 version of the Bizagi Modeler (although this solution will not stay there for a long time, so we advise to do this promptly). If you have an active license but cannot access cloud models even using the 3.9, please see if you or the support contact in your company have still access to the support site and create a ticket directly so that the corresponding team may help you with that request.

Unfortunately, if you did not have a paid license and somehow used to have cloud, or if you used to have a paid license but is not active anymore, your models might not be available anymore.

Link for the 3.9 version:

Support guide to create a ticket (if you have a paid license with support):

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Laura G


Hi Laura G,

Thank you for your answer and for giving us visibility of the situation.

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My understanding was that I could still get my files, as long as I didn't upgrade from 3.9, but I guess that's not true.