Circular user experience when attempting elearning access

Users are experiencing a circular user experience upon attempting to access elearing assets from the website. A user that is trying to access learning journeys for Bizagi Modeler is directed to their profile page rather than elearning course view. Please see file attachment.

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Problem still persists. Yes, It doesn't matter the link of origin.

Instead of using Chrome, I tried using Firefox. Seems to be working with the latter.


It's not working now on Firefox after I cleared cookies and history.

Laura, it has been a month, any update on the resolution please?


Dear Users,

Thank you for your patience with this issue, we know it took us a while to get back to you. We have been told that this is a known issue due to some integration inconsistency between 2 platforms that compose the e-learning site.

To solve this, you need to do the following:

- Reproduce the loop situation until you arrive to your "edit profile" page.

- Once there, click on the log out option located in the upper corner.

- Then, go back to the e-learning platform directly ( and log in.

This will reset the authentication credentials for both platforms and dissolve the loop you are experiencing.

Best regards,

Laura G