Character limitation

Guys, I'm having problems with character limitation.

This is making my job very difficult.

Does anyone know where this limitation came from? Is it possible to remove it?

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Dear André,

Thank you for letting us know your question.

If you are talking about the limit set for the names on tasks, events, and gateways, this limit is set for design and standard reasons and cannot be removed. According the BPMN standard, names for elements should be short, so a 100-character limit should not be surpassed.

The alternative, however, is to use the basic and extended attributes to expand on the characteristics of the BPMN element. To do this, you can right-click on the element, and select the option "Properties;" from the panel opening on the right, select the tab "Basic" to fill the description, for example; or create more attributes of different types using the "Extended" tab.

Although the content of these attributes does not appear directly on the model, it will appear as documentation when you export or publish your model.

We hope this helps answering your question. Please let us know.

Best regards,

Laura G