Can't open Bizagi for the first time

I cannot do the initial configuration. When I open the program it first asks me to login. Then, it shows a window saying "Your Modeler Services account is empty." I cannot do anything from this window.

I close it, and then it shows me a pop up saying "We would like to know you better and help fast-track your BPM journey. Would you like to register? If you click No the Modeler will close."

If I click no, the program exits and when I open again, it goes back to the beginning.

If I click yes, it takes me back to the login window, and it does the same steps all over again in an infinite loop.´

Tried uninstalling and installing again, tried creating another account, tried directly opening an existing BPM file. Nothing worked. Please help.

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good afternoon, v 3.9.0 does not start and v 4.0.0 also tried in different ways, nothing happened. please help me fix this error. I went as administrator and changed the region but nothing helped.