Can't loging to contact support (paid)


I've been asked now to update Bizagi modeller to the latest version. I'm sent to your website and then I need to to login to download the latest version.

I can't login to download the latest version and I can't also contact paid customer support ( I pay for a license with several users) with the following error always appearing.

I've tried contacting you general e-mail on the past and got no reply back.

What do I need to do to get some customer support?

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Hi Joao,

Thanks for your message.

We have made some adjustments to your account and now you should be able to create support tickets.

Could you please try again and let us know how it goes?


Juan S.


RAFAEL ( userID: ) tried contacting your “general e-mail” on the past BUT got no reply back... He can't contact paid customer support with the following error always appearing. We recently paid for Workgroup (2 licenses).

Rafael is trying to add a second user (myself) but something is doing wrong ... could you please check and reply to us, asap?

Maybe it will be necessary you(Bizagi) make some adjustment in his account to enable him open support tickets.


Hi Rafael,

An agent is working on your request and will be keeping in contact with you by email.