CANNOT reach Paid Support or Login

Bizagi modeller v3.9.0.015 opens on my laptop but does not show the model window. I found a previous posting on the issue which says to first download the latest version.

I cannot login so I cannot see/download the latest version or, therefore, contact paid customer support (my company pays for several licenses). Also, I cannot find where the versions are referenced within this site?

I will appreciate your assistance ASAP as I have a project due very soon. Thank you!

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Dear Kathy,

We are sorry this is happening to you and apologize for the delay in answering your post. The latest version so far is the one you have (, so you have that right.

The error you report might be due to the configuration of your machine, so please make sure your computer meet the system requirements listed in this article:

Regarding the access to the support site, only the person within your company set as the support contact may access the support site and report issues to our support team.

We hope this issue is soon solved for you if it isn't already.

Kind regards,

Laura G