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Cannot open offline model- Message 'Value cannot be null Parameter name: value'

After bringing my computer back from sleep mode, I was prompted to either take my model offline or lose changes. I chose to take the model offline, but the dialog remained active and nothing happened. I tried several times and finally restarted. Now the model shows offline but gives me an error message when I try to open it "Value cannot be null Parameter name: value" Then another dialog opens "Specified cast is not valid", then a blank model.

How do I get my model back?

Using version and trial version of Collaboration Services.

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Dear Greg,

It looks that something wrong happens in your bpm file. Please send us a copy to in order to be analysed. This information will be treated as strictly confidential and the file will be deleted once it is no longer necessary for support purposes.

We look forward to hearing from you


I'm not sure the exact steps, but the issue was resolved. I had shared the model with someone and was able to access it online via the link. Once I was back in via my browser, I was able to close it and come back in using the modeler application without any errors.