Cannot create a non-interrupting event subprocess

Apparenty, new versions of the product have become less adherent to the BPMN specification.

I cannot model an event subprocess with a non-interrupting start event.

What I have tried:

1) Expected user experience:

- add a subprocess to canvas

- transform subprocess into embeded subprocess (simple subprocess)

- marked subprocess as "is event subprocess"

- edited subprocess

- added none start event *

- changed start event trigger to timer, message, signal or any other

FAILED HERE: there is no option to transform the start event into "non interrupting". I have looked for this configuration in the context menu of this element, properties of this element, properties of the subprocess diagram, properties of the event subprocess element in the parent diagram.

2) Previous user experience: (from version 2.7)

Version 2.7 had a bug on this item, but there was a workaround: add the start event element prior to transforming the subprocess into event subprocess. Then, when editing the subprocess diagram, it was possible to choose a trigger for the start event and mark the element as "non interrupting".

FAILED HERE: this workaround does not work in the new version; still there is no option to mark the start event of the event subprocess as "non interrupting".

* Another issue related to start events in event subprocess: Bizagi Modeler allows users to model an event subprocess with a none start event wich just does not make any sense. A trigger to start is mandatory for an event subprocess to be functional. This is not only possible to model on the current version of the product, but also is not marked as error in the model when running model verification.

Is there any workaround or configuration to model a non-interrupting event subprocess in Bizagi Modeler in the current product version?