Can I use the free Bizagi Modeler withi

Can I work with free Bizagi Modeler within the company or will I have to buy it?

If the Free Bizagi Modeler is released to the company, do you have any documents that give me permission?

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Dear Adriano,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Bizagi Modeler is free to download and use by whatever number of users; however, there are functionalities that are available only through the payment of a license. If you and your company would like to use some of those functionalities, you may want to consider paying for a license.

The following article lists the availability of features according to the different plans Bizagi Modeler has to offer:

Best regards,

Laura G


Laura, good afternoon! Many thanks for the reply. So, even inside the company, I will be able to use the Free Bizagi Modeler without any auditing problems? The only difference is that I won't have the additional features, right?