Can I use as one sub-process' task, a process that it was already designed in a diferent file?

For exemple:

First, I created a process and saved it to a file on my computer. Let's call it P01. After that, I was asked to create a new process (P02) in which, one of from its many tasks, is exactly the full P01 process, that is already designed.

My question is: What should I need to do to insert (or embed) the P01 process as one of the P02's tasks?, Is it possible? If possible and, in the case of the P01's diagram need to be redesigned, this task in P02 will also to be visualized as rebuilted?

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Dear Mario,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Yes, this can be done using the reusable sub process option in Bizagi Modeler. The following article describes more information on how to link a previous diagram to a reusable sub process within a second diagram:

We hope this helps to answer your questions. Please let us know if further inquiries arise.

Best regards,

Laura G