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Your colleagues from Bizagi Studio forum directed my questions here. So - I‘m trying to model incoming calls flow of Calls center and make simulation, in order to find how many resources we need to handle all the calls. I have reviewed your User guide information, videos. But I have some issues and hope you could help me. Questions:

1.There are 4 types of resources who works with different types of calls. Client can choose his question and will be redirected to the corresponding resource. Arrival interval is 3 minutes (average). But is it possible to model waiting time, for example - there are 20 calls at the same time? And if client waits 5 minutes his call is forwarding to the partner, or if he waits 3 minutes usually we lost the call? I used Intermediate event Timer, also gateways with probabilities, but I am not sure it is correct way. Do you have any advises?

2.In the third level of simulation, Time parameter, appears Waiting time but I didn‘t find any information in your User guide about this field. Maybe do you have some examples how to use this field correctly?

3.Also question about resource utilization counting. How correctly to add resources? For example there are 3 resources who works with one type of the calls and first free available takes a call. So I added 3 available resources but what about each task – need to add 1 resource (because only 1 is necessary to complete 1 task) or all 3 (because all 3 works with this task)? And if I want to see how the results of simulation is changing in order to find the best choice so I need to change number of the resources in all the available resources or also in each task? (I don‘t use calendar analysis)

4.I use Bizagi Studio only for simulation purpose. Do I need to define performers in the Wizard and if it affect simulation results?

Thank you

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Dear Simona, thank you for your message.

Below is the answer to each of your questions.

1. In this case, as an additional alternative, you could include a pre-call activity that represents the waiting time that a customer may have before being attended. It can be a normal activity and you parameterize a time.

2. You can use this field to represent the waiting time before the activity is executed. It can be an alternative for the first point.

3. The recommendation, in this case, is to first define the available resources in the whole process. To do this you can go to the Resources button at the top of the menu. Once this step is done, you can define the resources available to execute a particular activity.

For the second, you must go to each activity and define the resources you have available to run it.

4. This parameter does not affect the simulation. It is a variable defined for the process as such.


Juan S.