Calculation of the average and/or total waiting time in a simulation

Hi, I've trying to figure out how is the total waiting time calculated. In order to do so, I am simulating just a short process, one task and one resource.

In my model:

Task processing time: 10 minutes

Arrival interval: 2

Max arrival count: 3

Resources: 1

The total waiting time in the task is 24 minutes, but how is this calculated? I can't get that number. I would appreciate any help with the calculation.

Thanks in advance, regards.

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No need to, I understand it now!


Dear Cristian,

Thanks for your feedback. We share our comment too in case it is useful for other users of our community:

This is the way Bizagi calculates the time on a simulation: Min 0 - TOKEN 1:

+ Wait: 0 min

Min 2 - TOKEN 2:

+ Wait for token 1 to finish: 8 mins

Min 4 - TOKEN 3:

+ Wait for token 2 to finish: 6 mins

+ Wait for token 3 to finish: 10 mins

Min 30 - FINISH

Total waiting time: 8 + 6 + 10 = 24 mins