BZ 2.9, All publishing stopped working except for one model

Using BZ, Mediawiki 1.24.1, PHP 5.4.35. I have been publishing to our mediawiki, Word, etc. for months & all of a sudden, all publishing stopped working, no error messages are received. Screens are presented to enter publishing information (e.g. mediawiki info, Word), then after clicking 'Finish' no files are created, it simply goes back to the diagram. Except for ONE diagram in ONE model (attached) which I think might have been the last one successfully uploaded. I've re-installed BZ, no difference. I've done a 'save as' to a different name, no difference. New models, no difference. Nothing publishes to any format. The model is in the attached zip file. The first diagram, 'Service Interaction' will publish, but no other diagrams will.


Dear Diane,

We have tried to reproduce this issue, but we could publish to word and web two different diagrams. The only thing that maybe you are missing is to select all diagram elements.


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