Bug in Normal Distribution


I made a simple process of one activity with truncated normal distribution with mean of 60 minutes, standard deviation of 20 minutes, min of 40 minutes e max of 80 minutes. In Resources I create 1 type of resource and put an available resource in the organization, and put that this activity need this one resource.

I set up the Internal Arrival for 60 minutes and set my scenario to run for 30 days.

The BizAgi reported that the average time of this activity is of 4 houars and were made 128 days of work in 30 days of execution. This with only one resource in the company!

I believe there are two bugs here:

1) An activity set to 60 minutes and 20 minutes diversion could not have 720 executions in an average time of 4h.

2) One resource in 30 days can not work 128 days.

I'm using BizAgi in Windows 7 32 bits with bizagi

I have the same problem with Normal Distribution.

Could help me if I am correct?


Dear Eduardo,

Bizagi Modeler allows simulation your business processes under the BPSim (Business Process Simulation) to support decision making and boost theit continuous improvement. To start using simulation in Bizagi all you need is a complete Process model. otherwise, it will not be able to be simulated.For a complete simulation analysis we recomment using four levels:

For further infomation about distribution: