BPMN file impossible to import to Bizagi (created on Cawemo and imported successfully in Camunda)

Hi everyone, I had to model a process on Cawemo as my customer had no authorized modeling tool.

I tried to download it and open it in Bizagi but an error message state that is impossible due to file invalid or corrupt.

I then decided to try to open it in Camunda and no issue.

I saved it and try to reopen it but tstill the same :(

Any idea? Both modeling tools are up to date.

Tx in advance.


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Dear Lucie,

Thanks for your feedback! First of all, we strongly recommend you downloading and installing our latest Modeler version which can be downloaded at Please proceed to upgrade it and let us know the results.

As additional information, it's very important to bear in mind that although some tools are BPMN 2.0 compliant, the export/import compatibility may present some issue because the configuration parameters when exporting to BPMN may vary from a Software to another one. We advise trying to work with other formats with good behavior as Excel (.xlsx) or XPDL (XML).

We hope that both this information and the new installer work for you!

Best regards.

Best regards.