BPMN 2.0 Compliance error when running simulation.


I am receiving the follow error message when running the simulation: "The simulation has failed please ensure that your model is compliant to BPMN 2.0 standard and that it is supported by the simulation".

I do not know which part of my diagram cause this issue.

I attached the image of my diagram below.

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Files: Lab3.png

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Dear Yeonjong,

We are sorry that this issue is happening to you and thank you for letting us know your questions.

Looking at the image you attached, we noticed that the exclusive gateway has 2 possible outcomes, and each of them has a condition. Nonetheless, the BPMN best practices suggest that exclusive gateways always have one outcome for the "or else" option, which is set as the "is default" marked on the menu (when you right click on the flow). This might be the cause for the message you are receiving.

So, there are two options: on one hand, you could set one of the already existing flows as the default path, which would be followed by any of the cases that don't meet the condition on the other path; or, you could create a third option to be the default (followed by any case that don't meet neither the first nor the second options) that will finish the process since it doesn't meet the criteria to continue the process in one of the defined paths.

We hope this answer helps solve the issue. Please let us know if further questions arise.

Kind regards,

Laura G



Thank you for the reply.

I set one of the existing flows (red) as the default path.

However, the issue still exists.

What should I do in this case?

Thank you,

Yeonjong C