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BizagiModelerSetup_4.0.0014 only load diagrams as administrator

I've installed the versions: and 4.0.0014 in the way explained:

- With an account without privileges

- As administrator - inside C:\Programs\Bizagi..

None of the options loads when the common user executes Bizagi. The diagrams doesnt load.

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Dear GSUM,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Could you please confirm if this issue happens only with what you call "common user" or if it also happens when a user with admin rights tries to execute Bizagi Modeler in the same computer?

If it is the first one, the issue might be related to authorization rights within the computer, so you might want to have your IT company look into that.

If it is the second one, it is a known issue already escalated to the support team, so we would keep you posted about the answer from the Support team along with the rest of the users who have been reporting it.

Please, let us know either way.

Kind regards,

Laura G