Bizagi window will not show --- OCT 2021

I just installed the latest version of Bizagi.

- I have to enter my email and password ***EVERY SINGLE TIME*** it loads. I can't save my credentials.

- After logging in, the main window does not display on my screen.

The taskbar indicates instances of the program are running, but they will not show.

- I've disconnected an external screen, closed, reloaded, etc.

Nothing displays the screen.

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Dear Thomas,

We are sorry that this is happening to you and apologize for the delay in answering.

Since we have received reports of similar issues, we have found that sometimes this happens because the computer does not comply with all the system requirements. So, could you confirm to us if your computer follows the requirements listed in this article (

If your computer does comply with everything, let us know so that we may escalate the question and help you with it.

Best regards,

Laura G