Bizagi studio is not simulating

I have a problem in bizagi studio since I don't find the simulation view icon at all! There is only online courses and validate options in the home line as shown in attachment! How can I process to move from modeling to simulating? And why simulation view is not available in the app I downloaded!? Regards and many thanks

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Dear Jessica,

Thank you for writing us your comments. We are sorry to hear you are having trouble with one of our products.

Could you please confirm the version of the product you are using and whether or not you have a paid subscription with Bizagi? This will help us diagnose the issue.

Thank you for your patience, we appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Dear Mrs. Lara

Well it's a free download so unpaid version of bizagi studio 64-bit. Version 10. 7.0.2082


Hi Jessica,

Thank you for reaching back to us.

Since you are working with Bizagi Studio, we would recommend you download the latest version, 11.2.5, since that's the most stable version and it has the simulation available in the option "What-if Analysis."

However, Bizagi Studio is better for automating and developing processes workflows; if you are only looking for the modeling and simulation features, we would recommend using Bizagi Modeler (though the simulation feature is available only for paid subscriptions).

Here is the link to the download portal: