Bizagi sharepoint file does not provide drill down for more than 2 levels on left Process explorer.

Hi All ,

When I have published Bizagi file on Sharepoint, in the internet view in the Process Explorer panel we are having drill down functionality to just one level. If we have a process where there are multiple level of subprocesses under a process then the expand and collapse button do not appear. They appear just at the top level of the diagram.

Example attached in pic below.

OFS Overall Process (Main Diagram - Main Process)

M. Plan to Make (Sub Process under OFS Overall Process)

M.1.Discrete Manufacturing (Sub Process under M.Plan to Make)

M1.1 Schedule Process (Sub Process under M.1 Discrete Manufacturing)

M1.2 Issue Sourced (Sub Process under M.1 Discrete Manufacturing)

We want to have expand and collapse feature for every Process containing Sub-Process, please suggest.



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Dear Aditya,

The reported problem has been resolved in our latest Modeler version which can be downloaded at

The installer includes:

•Solution for Publish to SharePoint

•Solution of Word Templates

•Solution of sort according to the publication flow

Please proceed to upgrade it and let us know the results.

Best regards.