Bizagi Modeler - Workgroup Plan

I just registered for a Bizagi Account, because I wanted to test Bizagi Modeler Workgroup Plan for our company (SME).

In the payment portal it states that the workgroup plan is not available anymore and "changes are on the way".

I saw the announcement in the meantime. Will there be any replacement for the workgroup plans coming out soon or is "enterprise" the only plan for the future?

We are a small company with 10+ employees and I doubt the enterprise plan with min. 100 users will suit us, meaning the testing journey would end before it even began.

Thanks for any insights in advance!


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Dear Christian,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your questions. Unfortunately, yes, the only plan aimed at companies will be the Enterprise. For testing purposes, we can recommend to you the free license, which from July 11th will have available features that used to belong to the Workgroup and Professional licenses (simulation and publishing to web). You and your company could try that and see if the features available free suite you.

Best regards,

Laura G