Bizagi Modeler with Lutris [ Lets make it happen! :) ] [TAGS: Linux | Wine]

There was software that I used but didn't run on Linux/wine, and recently the developers announced (website) an option to install their software using Lutris and it worked perfectly!!

Full of joy I downloaded the installer (.exe) of version 3.9 of BizAgi Modeler, and I thought: "it will work!"

Installation was perfect. No problem. (see attached print)

However, when running the application, it generated a stack of errors. (see attached text)

At the top of the stack is this message: "Could not load file or assembly 'Bizagi.Cloud.Catalog.Proxy...". Apparently it's one of the libraries that can't be loaded. As I have development knowledge, I believe that some of the Bizagi team could give support (a path) by analyzing the text file I attached.

You might think, "Why invest our time in this?" The answer is: if you tweak your application to work with Lutris, you can use the same windows executable to run on Linux. This means that the team will not have to expend energy developing or compiling a version for Linux. In other words, you would reach another platform using less energy, and you will reach a new audience. Think about it.

Oh! Congratulations! Your application is excellent. :)

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Hi Júlio, did you get it to work after all?


Dear Julio,

Thank you for your interest in our products and for suggesting improvements for it. However, it has been our decision to stick with the Windows application only.

Regardless, we sincerely appreciate your idea.

Best regards,

Laura G