Bizagi Modeler Login screen will not go away!

When I open modeler, it brings up a mandatory login screen. I enter my user name and password to log in, and it takes me to a website with videos and whatnot, still apparently not logged in. I click log in again, and it takes me to what I'm guess is the bizagi home page, but the login window never disappears, and I cannot use the program!

The guy sitting next to me, just closes the login window and he can use the modeler. This is very frustrating as it does not make any sense at all.

I have attached a screenshot.

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Dear Andres

sorry for the comment before, I added Bizagi to the firewall and now it's running as I am used to.




Dear Peter,

Do not worry about the message. We really appreciate your feedback on this to include "add Bizagi to the firewall" to our recommendations in order to avoid Login problems.

Kind regards.