Bizagi Modeler don't let me start modeling

I installed Bizagi Modeler on my Desktop with Windows 10. Then I double clic on the desktop icon and a window appears asking for registering, if I click on NO, Bizagi Modeler close inmediately. I just want to work on my desktop version not in the cloud version. What must I do for avoiding working on cloud version?

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Dear user,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. The login process when opening the desktop application is not for working on cloud but to have access to the features that Bizagi offers its users. Thus, to use Bizagi Modeler, you need a Bizagi account which you probably already have since you logged in to this forum to post this question.

If there appears to be an issue with the login, please let us know so we may report that to the corresponding team.

Kind regards,

Laura G