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Dear team,

since I use the Bizagi modeler 3.8, I miss the following functionality:

1) subprocesses of type ad-hoc.

2) subproceses of type transaction.

In the screenshots you see what it looked like in the old version of Bizagi and what it missing in the new version of Bizagi.

Please tell me where to find this functionality in the new version.

Thanks .


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Dear Christine,

Thank you for letting us know your concerns.

This is the steps you can follow on version in order to access the different types of sub-processes.:

* When you include a sub-process on your diagram, modeler will assume by default that it is a reusable sub-process (which does not have the option to set as ad-hoc or transaction. Thus, right-click the sub-process and go to the option "Sub-Process Type" and select "Sub-Process."

* This will change the menu for the element, so now when you right-click on it, the menu will show you the options to change make a sub-process an ad-hoc, transaction, or event sub process.

Attached are some images showing you the differences in menus.

We hop this information helps you creating diagrams and apologize for the misunderstanding in the way things work in the latest version.

Best regards,

Laura G