Bizagi is extremely slow and actually it's almost impossible to use the modeler


Since 2013 we have been using the free Bizagi Modeler. Actually I was the one introducing it here to my Company and now a lot of my colleagues also use the Modeler. When you switched to the new GUI some years ago it became slower and more unresponsive, but with the latest few updates it's now actually almost impossible to work with. I have one diagram open with all in all 8 tasks, a swimlane and a couple of gateways. My machine has an i5-6200U CUP @ 2.30GHz with 8GB memory. Other colleagues has the exact same issue. I have tried to reinstall without any changes. I know we are just using the free modeler, so I doesn't expect support, but I think you have a serious issue. On example is we have actually considered to roll out Bizagi as our Enterprise BPM tool, but due to the performance issues we have put this on hold.

Best Regards

Henrik Olesen

IT Project Manager

Kamstrup A/S


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Dear Henrik,

Our product team has resolved some many performance issues in our latest version Please proceed to download it from: and upgrade your current version.

Please let us the result.

We look forward to hearing from you


It is November, 2020 and I have the same problem.


Dear Christine,

We are sorry you were experiencing some issues with our product. Is this still happening?

The latest version of the Modeler is more stable than the previous ones, please feel free to use this link to download it:

If the issue persists, it might be caused by the configuration of your machine.

All the best,