Bizagi hostnames & ports - problems while signing in


We are evaluating Bizagi for enterprise use.

However in a corporate setup, where a lot of firewall limitations exist by default, we encountered an issue with accessing the Bizagi on cloud.

More specifically, when trying to Sign In through the desktop app, we get the following error: "An error occurred while sending the request".

We have already added the following allowed routes:

Hostname / Protocol / Ports / TCP / 443, 1433, 587, 80 / TCP / 443, 1433, 587, 80 / TCP / 443, 1433, 587, 80

However this seems not to be enough and we are still getting the above issue.

Can anyone advise on exactly what minimum hostname/port combinations are required for Bizagi to function?

Thank you.

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Dear Vlatko,

Thanks for your message.

Could you please confirm with which Bizagi product you're experiencing this issue?

Also, some screenshots of the error would be helpful to understand the issue.


Juan S.


We are having this issue with Bizagi Modeler. Firstly we were getting a dialog with the error: "An error occurred while sending the request".

Now the application just crashes after trying to log in.


Hi Vlatko,

Did you follow these instructions to install the app

If so, could you please try to install this new version and let us know the results?

New version:

PS: If you can share again the screenshots would be helpful as we could not saw them in your previous comment.


Juan S.



This is the link to the latest version of Bizagi Modeler:

All the best,

Laura G