Bizagi Freezes after login


Our technicians have installed BizagiModelerSetup_3.9.0015

I can log in but then it freezes and throws me back to the desktop.

They're asking who they can email to sort out.

Please help I have some modeler maps I need for a meeting at the end of the week.

Many thanks Bernie.

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Please could this be placed under Troubleshoot. Many thanks Bernie


Dear Bernardette,

We are deeply sorry for the issues you are experiencing with one of our products. Could you please confirm that your computers comply with the system requirements defined in this article: If they do comply, please look for the logs located in a folder called either "c:/setup.log" or "c:/setuplog" and send it to us so we may look into those and know what is happing with the program.

Thank you for your patience during this process.

Best regards,

Laura G