Bizagi - BPM Assessment

Hi All,

I am looking assessing BIZAGI for a client’s BPM requirement such as AS-IS, TO-BE process maps. Please help me with below questions :

Is it web based ?

Proven data security

Should allow easy documentation of processes

Intuitive UI

Drill downs

Easy maintenance

Please help with these queries. It’s kind of urgent.

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Dear Shubham,

We're glad to read about your great interest in Bizagi but also, we're sorry to read that the topic was kind of urgent and we offer you an apology for the delay in our answer.

Is it web-based? Originally, Bizagi Modeler is a desktop app but we also have a cloud environment called Modeler Services.

Proved data security Yes indeed! We are GDPR compliant.

Should allow easy documentation of processes Sure! Our publishing and export options are diverse and easy to perform using a very simple wizard or just one click. It is up to you!

Intuitive UI It is intuitive and really easy to use. We invite you to download and install it:

Drill downs It is possible to access some data which is in a lower level of the DB structure but it is not advanced. In other words, this is not our strongest feature.

Easy maintenance We have the best developers working to fix the bugs constantly and also you have multiple channels for both paid and free support.

Hope this information might be useful for you.

Best regards.