Bizagi not fully opening

Hello guys,

Since I´ve installed the new Bizagi Modeller I am having a weird bug when opening the modeler.

I double click the shortcut, I see the first loading screen, then I get an second scree where there should be another "charging" screen ( I know because I see it when it works).

What is happening most time is just to stay stuck on a screen that does not respond, I can´t click anywhere, I cant do anything but just close it through task manager.

As long as the app still open, it still "charging" on my processor and increasing the ram consumption forever.

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Dear Fábio,

We hope you are having an excellent day.

Please let us know if the issue persists using the version:

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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This problem started for me with the version.


Dear Márcio,

Would you consider using the latest version of the Modeler,, which has a more stable solution to the issue reported?

Please feel free to download it using the following link.

Kind regards,

Laura G