Bizagi 2.7 .bpm files wants to open Adobe

A couple of months ago we've installed Bizagi 2.7 on several PC's. (upgrade from 2.3)some of our users cannot open .bpm files. Adobe always want to open them.When the system asks with what program we want to open the .BPM file and we choose the Bizagi exe in the correct folder they receive a message (file not ok)File associations doesn't workWe've reinstalled the program = no successWe've renewed the user profile = no success.Does anyone know how we can solve this problem ?Thanks in advance,


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Dear Stef,

It is very strange that when you open a bpm file, open Adobe instead of Bizagi Modeler. You can select a file and select open with... and select Bizagi. Also, you can execute CCleaner to clean up the register of your windows. Finally, we always recommend to use our last release, it means version.

Please check this article of windows which help to solve this issue: