Bad Quatlity of an image when exporting model to JPG in new version

I installed the new version of the program (3.8) and when I export my model as an image (PNG) the quality of the image is really bad comparing with what I got with the last version (3.7), see atachments. Why the new version has this issue? Can you please tell me how can I resolve it? any ways to have the same queality as the old version? any change I can get the old version if there are no solutions to this issue?

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Dear all,

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Our product team made the required adjustments to solve this request. On the following link, you will find the installation files of the version that contains the mentioned adjustments:

Please let us know if your request was solved after using this version or if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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The image quality and resolution is still very bad compared to the previous version. Font is really light grey barely readable and if you zoom in just a bit you already see pixels. Please fix :) I'm using version 3.8.0206.


Hi Bjorn,

Thank you for your feedback. I will relay this to the product team. If you are not already aware, you can also export as an SVG file, which will allow you to zoom in an see a sharply drawn vector image at every scale.

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David Foster