Application slower with the latest version (64bit)

I use Bizagi to create process maps and process documents. The recent version that i installed some weeks ago has a distinct lag and intermittent unresponsiveness in both the laptops that I use. This was not the case with the previous version. Can you please recommend what could be teh issue. My hardware details are

Laptop1: Win10 Home 64 bit, i7-4700MQ, 16GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4600

Laptop2: Win10 Enterprise 64bit, i7-4700, 8GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4400

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Dear Mahesh,

The system requirements of Bizagi Modeler are available at

Please verify your system meets all requirements listed and consider downloading the latest version (3.3) at This version adds a number of new features and performance improvements.


Joshua Teufel