Under Consideration

A list of problems

1. Password recovery.

After the stage of entering secret code from the email to confirm the personality the web-site shows a form with two fields: "New password" and "Password confirmation". If I enter next password (between" ") "4spmw,@>mzw]5}~:H}vI" and clicks the "Apply" button than the web-site shows that password is valid and starts to process the query (show animation of processing) and stop it without any notification. Web-site just shows the same password form with entered figures.

I think you that something is wrong with it.

2. General recommendation.

Guys, you are well done but please spend time to revise all of nonfunctional requirements for Bizagi Modeler. It is awful. Just one big problem. I will buy your product by subscription with joy and will use it on all of my projects and will advert it to all of my colleges if you fix all bugs.

3. The speed of any actions in Bizagi Modeler is slow. When I moving a diagram element Bizagi Modeler show the current position of element with delay.

4. Connection point, please revise this approach. Let all of connectors be direct (if it is possible) and links to the nearest point of diagram element. It means that the line of sequence, message flows and association should not be with a refraction of a few pixel and be connectable only to a special points in the diagram elements. The same for the attached events.

5. Make a smart connectors (sequence, message flows and association). When we connect two diagram elements with a connectors Bizagi Modeler should build as direct line as possible, with as less bends as possible. And the path of the line should be paved around any diagram elements (except for other connectors).

6. The scaly of elements placed in an expanded sub-process should be normal. In the last (76) version of Bizagi Modeler the scale is less than normal.

7. Don't change the place of connectors in the diagram automatically when the user add new elements or move existing elements.

8. Fix the behavior of text. This topic is worthy the special attention. The most bigger problem that if the container of the text moved on the place of another bigger container of diagram element than you can't highlight the container with text to move it in another place.

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Dear Олег,

Thanks for taking the time to share with us such huge feedback stating multiple points that surely will help make our product better. Your ideas are welcome and really appreciated by us. The whole idea will be communicated to our product team so they can evaluate the impact and benefits of it.

About the third item, we want to suggest the following:

You may experience these performance and visualization problems because you are using a 4K-UHD monitor or maybe the resolution of your screen is not appropriate for Bizagi Modeler. Please verify your screen resolution and change until you find the one which accomplishes the expected behavior. Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards.