35 multiple input process

How do model a process with 35 different inputs. Each one with others multiple different tasks

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Dear Ricardo,

Thank you for letting us know your questions.

Our first recommendation would be to assess if the process really has 35 different possible inputs or if, for example, it needs to receive multiple information to begin, in which case the best way is to model the compilation of all that information as a task previous to the rest of the process you are trying to model. Another option, for instance, is to have the same process that can begin with one of many options, in which case you could use a Parallel Multiple Start Event or a Multiple Start Event to begin your process (more information on them, here:

However, if your process seems to have several options to trigger it as well as multiple flows depending on the event/signal/input that triggered it, we would recommend you think of your one process as really different processes because one of the best ways to approach the BPMN standard is simplicity. For more information on the best practices for modeling, please read the following article:

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Laura G