Проблемы импорта и экспорта файлов

Добрый день. При Импорте и экспорте пропадают разграничения по этапам. Это моя ошибка или общие проблемы?

Как получить чтобы out = in / были одинаковыми?

С уважением Олег

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Dear Oleg,

Regarding your question. We must highlight some considerations:

1. There are some errors in your model, for instance, the end events stated in the imaged attached (We are re-using your image)

2. Try to apply the best practices in Modeling:

3. Our most recent version has export/import improvements, please try downloading it and install it:

As a final recommendation, please bear in mind that English is the official language of this community. We tried to understand and answer correctly your requirement but please try as possible to raise your topic in English. Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards.