Support Guide for Paid Licenses

Laura García 6 months ago

Dear users,

Thank you for your interest in our Bizagi Studio community. Please bear in mind that if you have a paid license with us (or belong to a company that does), you have access to the Support site to create a ticket that will be answered by our Support team more promptly than here in the forums. Thus, if you have a license and have a problem you would like to report, we strongly advice that you use the Support site.

The following article describes the steps to create a support ticket through the site:

Still, you are most welcome to participate in our community to ask or respond questions, report problems, share ideas and acknowledgements.

All the best!

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Hi Support,

Everytime i published my Bizagi modeler via web, i can see the lines that is not visible on my original bizagi file.

I attached the screenshots.

Attachment 1 is my Bizagi modeler drawing and attachment 2 is my drawing publish via web.

Please advise.


cOmo recupero mis archivos anteriores a la actualizacion estaban en la nube es uy importante por favor